jessie davis

Athletic Therapist


Port Coquitlam, B.C.

Athletic background

  • Varsity soccer at Concordia University for 4 years

  • Youth soccer and dance for 10 years

  • Recreational runner and skier


  • Treating Athletic Therapist in a clinical setting since 2011

  • Practical placement with Whitecaps Residency Team (2008), Trinity Western University (2010)

  • Field therapist with BC Soccer, 2009

Some of my guiding principles 

I believe that structure dictates function, and that global functional movement restoration is the first step to whole body wellness, followed by stability and strength.  Too many injuries occur from training on top of dysfunction!

I believe that continued learning is essential and makes your therapist better.  New and improved treatment techniques are changing every day!

Causes I care about 

I am passionate about concussion awareness and management in youth sports.  I have been involved in baseline and followup concussion testing for youth teams in lower mainland.

What my clients can expect

My first priority is that patients understand their injury and mechanics.  Treatment is a two-way street and I will always listen to your goals/ambiitions.  I typically investigate dysfunction from a whole body perspective first, then correct with a combination of soft tissue release, active release techniques, joint mobilizations and muscle energy.  Once the dysfunction is corrected, we work on functional stabilization exercises to allow you to return to your sport better than before.

Therapy that’s fun! I want my patients to have injury management tools that they enjoy because in the long run, that what keeps them off the treatment table!


  • BSc. Exercise Science, Specialization in Athletic Therapy, Concordia University

  • Certified Athletic Therapist CAT(C)