All classes are taught by Level 10 Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists.



6:00-7:00am       Kick-start Your Heart

7:00-8:00am    Strength and Conditioning

10:00-11:00am     Booty Camp

12:00-1:00pm     Triple Threat   

5:00-6:00pm      Athlete Development Program


6:00-7:00am        Wake Me Up!

9:00-10:00am       Pure Power

 11:00-12:00pm Athlete Development Program



6:00-7:00am      Wake Me Up!

9:00-10:00am     Pure Power

11:00-12:00pm Athlete Development Program



6:00-7:00am        Kick-start Your Heart      

7:00-8:00am        Strength and Conditioning

9:00-10:00am       Booty Camp




6:00-7:00am      Kick-start Your Heart

7:00-8:00am      Strength and Conditioning

9:00-10:00am     Bums & Tums

10:00-11:00am     Booty Camp

12:00-1:00pm      Triple Threat

5:00-6:00pm      Athlete Development Program

7:00-9:00pm Olympic Weightlifting


8:00-9:00am        Weekend Warrior

2:00-4:00pm Olympic Weightlifting

Strength and Conditioning

Mix things up with this efficient workout combining strength, endurance and cardio. Each class is a different to keep things interesting and fun.


Triple Threat

Need a break in the middle of your day to rev up your metabolism? This class offers core, cardio and strength training.

Grab your co-workers or friends and come for a fun, fast-paced hour of circuit training. 

Wake Me Up!

Our earliest class is a great way to start the day. This drop-in class consists of full-body strength and conditioning combined with intense cardio and core. Level 10 is usually quiet at 6am, giving these bootcampers the run of the gym.

Kick-start Your Heart

This class runs Monday-Wednesday-Friday for the ultra-committed early riser. Each day's focus rotates between legs, upper body, cardio and core. 


9AM Pure Power

Guaranteed to challenge you, this is a dynamic athletic conditioning class complete with upper and lower body exercises.

Bums & Tums

This class is lower impact and slower paced than our regular booty camp. Think tight and toned! We will use body weight, med balls and tubing to focus on core, glutes and mobility.



Booty Camp

This one is for the ladies! Come join our most popular class- an intense combination of full-body strength circuits, a variety of cardio and lots of core, hip and torso work. You may laugh, sweat and cry all in the same hour!


The Next Level

Finish your day strong with 60 minutes of circuit training. You will most definitely leave feeling great!


Weekend Warrior

Start your weekend with our Saturday morning bootcamp packed with intense strength, cardio, and core.