"No matter what your initial shape is and how apprehensive your frame of mind might be, you'll meet professional staff who are compassionate and patient and well-schooled in what's needed to get you into the best program for you."

our philosophy


Level 10 Fitness & Health is not your average gym. We train people of all ages, all body types and all fitness levels  from national- and Olympic-level athletes to beginners. Our members are fiercely committed to achieving optimum performance and health, and our trainers and athletic therapists are dedicated to helping you get there. We call this “operating at Level 10.”

Level 10 provides a full range of fitness options, from team and personal training to classes and bootcamps to camps and academies. Our sports medicine offerings include physiotherapy, athletic therapy, massage therapy and elite assessments. We also have the most qualified, personable and caring staff around - operating from brand new facilities in North Vancouver and New Westminster.