allison hamilton 

Strength & Conditioning Specialist


North Vancouver, B.C.

Athletic background

  • Played North Shore Girls Soccer for 12 years and 3D elite club basketball throughout high school

  • Competed on varsity soccer and basketball teams at Argyle Secondary School

  • Recreational women’s soccer in Kelowna 


  • Exercise physiology research assistant at UBC-O in 2018 

  • Worked with a Physiotherapist in rural Ghana in 2017 

Some of my guiding principles

It’s supposed to be hard, if it wasn’t everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great. 

Core stability is essential for proper posture and balance as well as functional movements. 

Causes I care about

I volunteered for CRIS Adaptive Adventures while living in Kelowna; the organization helps enable individuals living with and without disabilities to explore the outdoors on various adventures. 

The impact of extreme environments on the body’s cardiovascular, respiratory, and cerebrovascular systems.  

What my clients can expect

Exercise programs will be designed specific to each client and involve the appropriate progression to achieve desired results. 

Optimism along with motivation to create an enjoyable and encouraging environment.