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mike ravenwood



Christchurch, New Zealand 

Athletic background

  • Premier grade junior tennis
  • Social and club grade rugby in New Zealand and Australia 
  • Recreational runner and triathlete


  • Physiotherapist for almost 10 years, in 3 different countries 
  • Worked with representative rugby teams in Christchurch, New Zealand 
  • Physiotherapist to many soccer teams including PNG national team and New Zealand National Development squad
  • Onsite physiotherapist on multi-billion dollar construction projects in the oil and gas industry 

Some of my guiding principles 

The common aspect in rehabilitating any injury is educating someone on how they got injured in the first place. With this knowledge they can be more confident that they can manage those aspects of their life/training to prevent recurrence.

Causes I care about 

In my earlier days, I volunteered my time to local rugby clubs and toured with the South Island Deaf Rugby team for several years.

Whilst I am still settling into life in Vancouver, I plan to get involved with a running/cycling or triathlon club in Vancouver.

What my clients can expect 

You can expect to be listened to and then have your injury explained to you.

Although everybody is different, generally you can expect more manual hands on treatment initially progressing to a more exercise-based session. After all; that is what we are trying to get you back into!