kassandra sewell

Operations Manager



Athletic background

  • Gymnastics

  • Baseball - 4 years

  • Volleyball - 4 years

  • Soccer - 1 year

  • Weightlifting - 5 years

  • Rock Climbing


  • Personal trainer since 2011

  • Fitness instructor since 2010

Some of my guiding principles

When I find myself stressed, I ask myself one question: Will this matter 5 years from now? If yes, then I do something about it. If no, then I let it go.

Causes I care about

Increasing awareness in how important physical activity is in a child's development. 


  • canfitpro Lead PROTRAINER

  • canfitpro Personal Training Specialist

  • canfitpro Fascia, Movements and Assessments Certified

  • CALA Vertical Water Training Certified

  • Fitness and Health Promotion Diploma from Sir Sandford Fleming College