diego dias

Strength & Conditioning Specialist


Sao Paulo, Brazil

Athletic background

  • Soccer player from childhood up to University level

  • 5 years of swimming competitively up to Provincial level

  • Current Olympic Weightlifter Amateur Athlete


  • Four years of strength and conditioning coaching experience.

  • Intern at Hockey High Performance Camps

  • 2 Weightlifting Camps and 4 years of apprenticeship with Olympic Lifter

    Fernando Reis (Brazilian National Olympic Team 109+)

  • Weightlifting Camp with Russian National Team in Russia at Ruza Training Center.

Some of my guiding principles

Spend your energy on what you can control and learn how to best deal with

what you cannot.

We are the sum of our actions. Focus on the present moment and think about

the best action you could be taking now to help you move towards your goals

and execute it.

Causes I care about

I enjoy empowering every individual to achieve whatever their goal might be.

I volunteered to support foreign athletes during hockey camps.

What my clients can expect

To learn the how and why behind each exercise.

To be challenged accordingly with their goals.

And to always have fun, because if you are not having fun, you are not

doing it right!